Parental Alienation and Divorce

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Parents who might make a habit of, or be thinking about, disparaging or denigrating their ex to their children should read this article on a recent BC Supreme Court ruling on parental alienation.

Although true alienation (see the definition in the attached article) is less common than you might think, where there is sufficient evidence, BC Courts appear more willing than they may have been in the past to accept alienation arguments and to craft an order to remedy the situation.

The resulting court order in this case ought to serve as an example and a caution to think twice before embarking on such a campaign against the ex. Don’t be fooled into convincing yourself that “the best interests of the child” are always in line with your personal interests and objectives: more often than not, they are not aligned at all!

ARTICLE:  Alienated child of divorce ordered to attend “family reunification” program.



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