Unbundled Legal Services


Do you have a legal dispute with your neighbour, your spouse or children, your siblings, your business partner, your strata council, a doctor, your accountant, your contractor …?

The potential list is a long one and brings in a number of different legal areas: family law, strata law, commercial law, contracts and negligence.

Many of these disputes realistically require some legal advice and assistance. However, not everyone is financially able to retain a lawyer to take their case from start to finish.  Every year we see more and more people who are representing themselves in court or before the various tribunals where they have taken their disputes.

Representing yourself can be very challenging and is certainly not for everyone. Although our courts are very accommodating to self-represented litigants, there are still basic elements of every case that must be proved before success is possible and self-represented litigants often lose because they have failed to recognize this basic fact. However, with the right assistance and coaching from experienced lawyers, some of you can be very effective advocates for yourselves.

There may be important pieces of your case where you could obtain legal advice and assistance to increase your chances of success while still managing your budget. Paying a lawyer to help you with a smaller, distinct piece of your case is something you should consider. This is sometimes referred to as a “limited retainer” and is otherwise known as “unbundled services”.

For more information about unbundling legal services, the Peoples Law School has posted a useful article here: unbundlinglaw.peopleslawschool.ca.

If you are interested in using unbundled legal services, you will need an experienced lawyer who will be able to look at your case and assess both it and you to see whether unbundling can work for you in your particular situation.

At Railtown Law, we are pleased to offer unbundled legal services to clients in appropriate cases. We will meet with you to discuss your case and determine whether it is an appropriate case for unbundling, what work we would do for you, and what tasks you would do yourself:

  • You may only need help putting together your claim or your defence to a claim made against you
  • you may need help researching the law that applies to your issues
  • you may need help preparing for and putting together your evidence, including writing affidavits for a chambers application, drafting a written argument and preparing to speak to the court in a convincing and persuasive manner.   

We can also coach you on some practical and very basic points including:  

  • what to expect during your court appearance (whether it is a virtual or an in person hearing)
  • how to conduct yourself and respond to the judge  
  • how to emphasize the strongest points in your case and explain or counter the weaknesses
  • how to refer to the evidence and the law so that the court understands your case – all so you have the best chance of success you could possibly have at significantly less cost.

If you think unbundling is something you would like to know more about, give us a call.

During the Covid-19 pandemic when we are all subject to special restrictions, we are offering a free ½ hour consultation during which we will do a quick assessment of your case and your ability to manage the process, evidence, argument, and court appearances on any area of the law that we deal with.

We are able to do so either by telephone or Zoom video so your location anywhere in BC is not an obstacle. Call us 604-770-1365 or email info@railtownlaw.com.


At Railtown Law we can help you with your legal matters in a variety of areas and also help you to take a pro-active approach to various legal issues you may face.

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