Unbundled Legal Services in Family Law


At Railtown Law, we deal with a wide variety of issues that arise in family disputes. Check out our Family Law page for more information.

You may feel quite confident that you can settle your dispute with your spouse with just a little advice, assistance or coaching from a family law expert. If so, then you should look closely at the value of taking advantage of unbundled services that are available to you in this area.

Lawyers practising family law in BC have been encouraged by our Law Society to provide unbundled legal services to spouses encountering difficulties in their relationships. BC is at the forefront of these efforts with the BC Family Law Unbundling Roster, which has a website setting out the names of a number of lawyers and firms who offer unbundled services (see www.unbundling.ca; more information about the project can be found at unbundlinglaw.peopleslawschool.ca).

The comments in our Unbundled Legal Services in Litigation apply equally to family law cases. Other services that may be offered in this context can include flat rate fees (rather than hourly rate) for:

  • Drafting a Notice of Family Claim or an application for a court order
  • Preparing a desk order divorce application with the necessary affidavits
  • Drafting or reviewing a separation or cohabitation agreement
  • Drafting a settlement offer
  • Providing coaching relating to the process, e.g. court appearances
  • Providing advice by phone, when needed, during a mediation between the parties
  • Providing legal research on specific family law issues, e.g. support amounts, division of family assets and what assets are included (inheritance vs. gift)
  • Appearing in court with the client or on the client’s behalf to speak to a specific issue on an application
  • Interpretation of a decision from the court or tribunal on a difficult issue in dispute

In the interests of providing greater access to justice to as many people as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic period, Railtown Law is offering a free ½ hour consultation on your family law issues by phone or by Zoom video.

If you have a question or just wish to discuss your options and what the cost might be involved call us at 604-770-1365 or email to info@railtownlaw.com.


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