International Family Law

In the 21st century, we have all become much more mobile. Living and working in other countries, whether temporarily or permanently, can be lucrative but can also cause difficulties when it comes to dealing with family disputes.

Do you live in BC while your ex lives in the US, or France, or Australia, or China and your ex has stopped paying support?

Have you and your partner lived in BC and then gone to visit family in Hawaii, Mexico, California or Italy for a vacation, you decide to get a divorce and one of you decides not to stay rather than returning to BC?

Do you own property in BC but your and your spouse have moved to Chile, Texas, England or New Zealand when you decide to get a divorce?

Have your children gone to visit your ex in, for example, China or Iran, and your ex has refused to send them back to you at the end of the visit?

Has your ex taken the children out of BC for a vacation and then decided to keep them in that other country?

All of these scenarios (and there are many other possible variations) usually mean that you will need a court to make an order to help you. All of these scenarios will often raise questions about which court has the power to make that order.

Where do you go and what do you have to do to get the order your need – to get support, to get a share of property, to get your children back?

This is where Railtown Law can help. When it comes to international family law, we specialize in jurisdictional issues.


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