Elder Law

What is elder law? This area encompasses a wide variety of other practice areas. More specific to those who may qualify as ‘elders’, we can help you or your family with:

  • applications for the appointment of an individual or institution to act as the committee for an adult who may no longer be competent to make their own decisions about their personal and financial affairs.
  • adult Guardianship issues.
  • assistance with Public Guardian & Trustee involvement with you or your family member.
  • powers of attorney and enduring powers of attorney – which is right for you? Make sure you know the difference.
  • representation agreements for health care and day to day decisions when you are no longer able to make them yourself.
  • rights of individuals in care.

Seniors or older people who have remarried or have entered into a new relationship often need assistance with family law issues. We can help you.


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