Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Corporations and partnerships often run into disputes not only with outside parties but internally as well. We offer our experience to help you resolve everything from breach of contract disputes to shareholder/partner disputes.

Business contracts can involve contracts of distribution or supply, contracts of purchase and sale and commercial leases. Having legal advice before you enter into such contracts can prove invaluable. Having a lawyer assist you to resolve a breach of contract dispute before it ends up in court will save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Internal disputes between shareholders or partners can kill a business. Do you have a shareholder or partnership agreement that tells you what will happen if one of you wants to leave the business, or sell your interest in the business to a third party, or if one of you dies? If you do have an agreement, are its terms clear? Do you understand them? Having a lawyer assist you to review such an agreement and explain to you what your rights and obligations will be once the agreement is signed will allow you to ensure that the agreement meets your needs and expectations.

If you think your partner has broken your agreement, you should involve a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer to help you resolve the dispute so as to avoid the time and expense involved in litigation. Most businesses can ill afford the cost of litigation but retaining a lawyer to help obtain a settlement out of court will usually pay for itself.


At Railtown Law we can help you with your legal matters in a variety of areas and also help you to take a pro-active approach to various legal issues you may face.

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