Railtown Legal Services

You might not know whether or not you have a legal problem. That’s the first problem we can solve!

Finding the right answers begins with asking the right questions.

For example:

  • Do you need a will, or does your will need updating? Or perhaps you want to contest a will?
  • Does your strata corporation need to update its bylaws, or is the strata council telling you that you must get rid of your pet?
  • Do you need advice on employees and contractors, or have you been fired or forced to quit?
  • Do you need to defend a copyright, patent, or trademark, or do you want to license its use to someone else while still protecting your property interest?
  • Are you a business contracting with suppliers, or a vendor with questions about selling goods?
  • Is your business incorporated, or does it need a shareholders or share purchase agreement?


We also believe in what we call “preventative” law. By relying upon our broad experience we anticipate problems before they arise, to help our clients avoid costly legal disputes. Railtown Law works with clients to plan clearly.

These are just a few of the legal issues we deal with. Ask us about yours!


At Railtown Law we can help you with your legal matters in a variety of areas and also help you to take a pro-active approach to various legal issues you may face.

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