Civil Resolution Tribunal Solution Explorer for Small Claims

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CRT solution explorer for small claims

The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) is adding the ability for people to manage and resolve small claims disputes via their Solution Explorer.

Right now the Solution Explorer for small claims is in BETA and is not open to accepting small claims disputes just yet.  However, you can test it out here:

The Solution Explorer for small claims will help resolve issues relating to:

  • Construction and renovations
  • Employment issues if you are the employee
  • Issues relating to the purchase and or sale of goods and services, including disputes over payments
  • Issues related to disputes with insurers, including denied insurance claims
  • Issues relating to borrowing and lending money
  • Issues relating to injuries and property damage that is the result of a motor vehicle accident
  • Issues relating to injuries and accidents which do not involve motor vehicles. For example, this includes slip and fall injuries, and injuries due to participating in activities
  • Issues relating to personal property (like personal belongings), real property (land), and intellectual property (including intellectual property, artistic properties, stocks, bonds or other securities, contracts, lease agreements and virtual property). This includes issues related to lost, stolen or damaged property

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