Business Disputes

Without exception, all businesses are involved in the supply of goods or services, or both, to others, whether individuals or other businesses. Being an entrepreneur is exciting but can be stressful at times.

A disagreement or dispute with a supplier, a buyer, a service provider, a customer, or even between partners/shareholders in the business, certainly falls into this latter category.

A dispute that escalates to litigation is rarely something a business owner is prepared or able to deal with on his or her own. It’s time for legal help. Why?

Whether your business is a company, a partnership or a sole proprietorship, a dispute will often land you right in the middle of a minefield of laws that you are not sure even apply to you, or how.

At Railtown Law, we know there is good value for businesses in having legal advice at the right time, preferably before legal problems have arisen but, if unavoidable, at the time when a business needs to defend against legal action or when a dispute is at the stage that the business needs to start its own legal action.

Whether you have a number of written agreements in place, for internal or external use, or no written agreements at all, Railtown Law can help you navigate your way safely through rough legal seas.

Our approach is to first assist you to obtain an out-of-court resolution. If that is not possible, we are also there to provide the litigation services that you will require. We have provided legal advice on a variety of issues arising in many different kinds of business disputes to clients in B.C. and around the world.

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At Railtown Law we can help you with your legal matters in a variety of areas and also help you to take a pro-active approach to various legal issues you may face.